Data Science Offerings

  • Use case discovery and feasibility studies to help your organization better understand a use case's value vs cost to the organization.
  • Model design and training offerings to take feasible use cases and build real, working machine learning models.
  • Data labeling offering for companies needing to build critical datasets.
  • Managed machine learning models in a turnkey production offering for companies that want the quickest route to leveraging their models in their production applications.
  • Kubeflow install and managed kubeflow offerings for companies who want the fastest way to get production-class machine learning training and model serving infrastructure online (on-premise, cloud, and hybrid).

Leverage best practices from industry leading experts (Oreilly Deep Learning authors, Kubeflow contributors).

Data Science Offerings Details

Use Case Discovery

  • Use case discovery across the entire organization, with a single business unit, or with a single business task/goal
  • Identify core organizational goals and stakeholders for new new case development
  • Identify methods of evaluation appropriate for use case and range of likely model effectiveness
  • Forecast range of potential business value for use case
  • Identify risks to the organization for the use case
  • Build use case discovery report containing a cost vs benefit analysis for each use case

Use Case Feasibility Study

  • Review business goals of organization
  • Analyze identified datasets for quality and predictive signal
  • Build array of basic test models to profile and document predictive signal in data
  • Build and deliver a custom feasibility report identifying potential accuracy ranges and model benefit

Model Design, Training, and Evaluation

  • Work with the organization and business units to confirm and align goals of model
  • Analyze source datasets for data type, data quality, and label balance
  • Iteratively build a model to maximize the desired goal for the model and business unit

Data Labeling

  • Many times an organization has data but not labeled data; Patterson Consulting will label and clean a dataset for the organization
  • Custom dataset analytics and report
  • Modeling validation tests to confirm labels work correctly

Data Science Managed Service: “Production Model Deployment, Monitoring, and Maintenance”

  • Model testing and inference validation
  • Model integration plan for staging and production
  • Model hardware planning for maintaining SLAs and a threshold Inferences Per Second (IPS)
  • Model monitoring for inference speed, accuracy, and rollback
  • Customized turnkey deployment and application integration

Kubeflow Installation

  • Kubeflow installation and configuration
  • Multi-Tenancy configuration and customization
  • Customized Active Directory and Kerberos integration
  • Customized on-premise / cloud installations (federated kubernetes)

Managed Kubeflow

  • Enable your GPUs to be used effectively and efficiently
  • Subscription-based support, efficient upgrades, patches, and infrastructure monitoring
  • Quickly resolve critical infrastructure issues, producing less downtime and lower costs/li>
  • Customized security integration for kubernetes

Contact Us to Build a Machine Learning Roadmap

For more information on how we can help your organization, reach out to Patterson Consulting and we can work with your team to develop a custom machine learning roadmap for your organization to move from developing use cases to full production.