Executive Strategy

With a decade of working on fortune 500 infrastructure Patterson Consulting can help your executive team triage through the masses of marketing hype and get a clear view on the best way forward for your organization.

Executive Consulting in Big Data and Applied Machine Learning

With deep experience in the big data and applied machine learning / deep learning space, the Patterson Consulting team can help your executive team better understand these fast moving markets.

There are so many claims by so many new companies how do you tell which are real and which are vapor? Being able to more effectively parse the signal from the growing noise in this market is what separates top organizations from the pack. The Patterson Consulting team can help you with this task by providing written case studies, analysis reports, and quarterly market guidance reports customized to your organization's interests.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

One of the more recent topics that has exploded onto the tech scene is dream of artificial intelligence applied to all sorts of tasks. In a recent talk (embedded below), our team frames this market in real techniques and terms, gives a history lesson on past waves of artificial intelligence, and then projects how this will play out in the near future.