Kubeflow Platform Managed Services

  • Managed Kubeflow is a supported and robust integrated multi-tenant GPU platform
  • The Cloud Experience and Flexibility at On-Premise Prices
    • Make your platform turnkey without cloud billing surprises
  • Provides subscription-based support
    • Custom Install + Integration with storage, GPU, and security infrastructure
    • Efficient upgrades, patches, and infrastructure monitoring

The Managed Kubeflow offering delivers a multi-tenant Kubeflow cluster to the organization in a turn-key fashion supporting production workloads with the most advanced hardware available. These multi-tenant clusters allow multiple teams of data scientists and data engineers to collaborate and share high-end compute and storage hardware.

MLOps Questions?

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Organizations need to put machine learning into production without letting the common challenges of machine learning deployment slow them down. We customize each platform based on the process:

Managed Kubeflow lets you leverage best practices from industry experts:

With services across the full machine learning lifecycle, our team will help enable your team to build, train, and deploy ML models without requiring you to source your own specialists. This process will help drive your team's AI ambitions faster while leveraging industry-leading MLOps techniques for the best platform available.

Platform management subscription includes:

Kubernetes Installation and Integration

  • Hardware Validation (Nvidia DGX-A100, Storage Arrays)
  • Networking Review and Architecture Design
  • Capacity planning based on usage profiles and analysis
  • Integration with Artifactory for On-premise container storage

Kubeflow Installation and Integration

  • Kubeflow installation and configuration
  • Multi-Tenancy configuration and customization
  • Gateway host configuration and integration
  • Customized job scheduling with active directory integration

Security Integration

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Kerberos Integration
  • Security Review

Flexible Hardware Profiles

Training, Documentation, and Support

  • Custom training classes delivered onsite for Kubernetes and Kubeflow
  • Custom internal run books for users
  • Ticketing system, Remote and on-site support
  • Customized monitoring of cluster operations

Integration with Existing Infrastructure

  • Custom integration with existing ETL pipelines
  • Custom integration with existing Active Directory systems
  • Integration with systems such as Cloudera, AWS, GCP, Azure, and more

Contact Us for a Detailed Architecture Review

For more information on how we can help your organization, reach out to Patterson Consulting and we can work with your team to develop a customized Kubeflow cluster.