About Us

Patterson Consulting is a solution integrator in the intersection of big data and applied machine learning. The Patterson Consulting team is able to take on delivery, integration, and support of multi-faceted projects that include data ingest, ETL, modeling, and application integration. Patterson Consulting specializes in computer vision and sensor applications but also can handle data pipeline integration and use case discovery projects.

Josh Patterson

CEO Josh Patterson brings his unique perspective blending a decade of big data experience and wide-ranging deep learning experience to Fortune 500 Projects.

At the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Josh Patterson drove the integration of Apache Hadoop for large scale data storage and processing of smart grid phasor measurement unit (PMU) data. Post-TVA, Josh was a principal solutions architect for a young Apache Hadoop startup named Cloudera (CLDR) as employee 34. After leaving Cloudera, Josh co-founded the Deeplearning4j project and co-wrote the first deep learning book for Oreilly Media (Deep Learning: A Practitioner's Approach). Josh was also the VP Field Engineering for Skymind.

Today Josh leads the Patterson Consulting team providing solution integration services for Fortune 500 companies in the big data and deep learning space.