Hadoop Applications

The Patterson Consulting team is able to take on delivery, integration, and support of multi-faceted projects that include data ingest, ETL, modeling, and application integration.

With an unparalleled team of experts in big data technologies, Patterson Consulting is able to design, build, and manage the infrastructure and applications needed for next generation big data applications.

Use Case Discovery

Most times customers just want to review with our team their unique application "fingerprint" and look what what should be done to take their applications where they need to go. The Patterson Consulting team will work with your team to review the pressing needs of your team and then plan out what could be done next and then some potential paths that can be taken.

Apache Hadoop

Solution Architecture

We give customers the option to leverage our team's architecture knowledge by providing an architectural design to be implemented by their own engineers. This is typically coupled/preceeded by a use case discovery process and the deliverable is a report/document that lays out what needs to happen and how it needs to be put together.

Apache Spark

Ingest Pipeline Design

Tackle large-scale event collection challenges with our team by leveraging the latest applications like Streamsets and CDH to integrate with your big data applications.

Apache Kafka

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Pipeline Implementation

Leverage the Patterson Consulting's team experience to build scalable and efficient ETL pipelines to transform data for analytics and machine learning vector / tensor modeling.

Apache HBase

Data Warehouse Design

Work with the Patterson Consulting team to size your infrastructure (hardware, network) such that you maximize your investment and appropriately plan capacity.

Application Design + Implementation

Operationalize your Hadoop investment by leveraging the Patterson Consulting team to deliver end-to-end big data application solutions to your organization.