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MLOps Platforms Briefing

As machine learning frameworks and workflows evolve they force the supporting infrastructure to evolve or face extinction. The evolution of open source acceptance in enterprise is a key driver in how AI infrastructure is deployed today. This briefing takes your team through key areas of successful MLOps today based on lessons learned in our consulting practice and book research.

The briefing also includes time for Q+A around whatever questions or topics your team would like to discuss.


Topics Covered

  • Pain points for data science teams
  • What is MLOps?
  • Should you go Cloud or On-Premise for you machine learning platform?
  • Understanding best platforms for each scenario

What is a Briefing?

  • A briefing (via Webex) is a short presentation where our Subject matter expert presents an overview of MLOps topics, technologies, and trends
  • Presentation is followed by 20+ min of Q+A with one of our subject matter experts
  • Attendees can pose their own questions
  • Delivered free of charge

Why Would I Attend?

  • You want to better understand current trends in MLOps
  • You want to discuss the pros and cons of operating a ML platform on the cloud vs on-premise
  • You want to discuss the latest ML platform developments and you have questions about how well they may fit your organization
  • You want to vet some ideas with a trusted outside source

Who Should Attend?

  • CTO
  • Global Head of Infrastructure
  • Director of Software for ML
  • VP of Technology / Software Engineering
  • Director of AI