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The Patterson Consulting data science team has the background and experience to help you accelerate anything from use case discovery to feature engineering, to model training, and everything that interconnects these tasks. Patterson Consulting brings the experience to help your team build data driven applications and put them into production. We do this by understanding business needs and identifying how machine learning will generate line of business value. Additionally Patterson Consulting offers data engineering services that work seamlessly with your data science projects.

Patterson Consulting also provides data science-related services such as a holistic data strategy and advisory services for VCs and F500 executives. Patterson Consulting also provides services such as due diligence on potential investments and acquisitions in the data science space.

Once value is defined for a data project, Patterson Consulting works with your team to take the concept into production and integrate it securely into your infrastructure with our MLOps services.

Data Science Offerings Details

Use Case Discovery

  • Use case discovery across the entire organization, with a single business unit, or with a single business task/goal
  • Identify core organizational goals and stakeholders for new new case development
  • Identify methods of evaluation appropriate for use case and range of likely model effectiveness
  • Forecast range of potential business value for use case
  • Identify risks to the organization for the use case
  • Build use case discovery report containing a cost vs benefit analysis for each use case

Use Case Feasibility Study

  • Review business goals of organization
  • Analyze identified datasets for quality and predictive signal
  • Build array of basic test models to profile and document predictive signal in data
  • Build and deliver a custom feasibility report identifying potential accuracy ranges and model benefit

Model Design, Training, and Evaluation

  • Work with the organization and business units to confirm and align goals of model
  • Analyze source datasets for data type, data quality, and label balance
  • Iteratively build a model to maximize the desired goal for the model and business unit

Data Labeling

  • Many times an organization has data but not labeled data; Patterson Consulting will label and clean a dataset for the organization
  • Custom dataset analytics and report
  • Modeling validation tests to confirm labels work correctly

Data Science Managed Service

  • Model testing and inference validation
  • Model integration plan for staging and production
  • Model hardware planning for maintaining SLAs and a threshold Inferences Per Second (IPS)
  • Model monitoring for inference speed, accuracy, and rollback
  • Customized turnkey deployment and application integration

Contact Us to Build a Machine Learning Roadmap

For more information on how we can help your organization, reach out to Patterson Consulting and we can work with your team to develop a custom machine learning roadmap for your organization to move from developing use cases to full production.