Patterson Consulting provides comprehensive LLM, Data Engineering, and DevOps Services for Fortune 500 companies

Services Offered:

Custom Large Language Model Applications

We help customers design, build, and deploy augmented reasoning large language model applications. Download our e-Book on "An Introduction to Large Language Models"

Data Engineering

We help customers design, build, and orchestrate complex data pipelines.

Cloud DevOps

We help customers build out and deploy platforms built on the Cloud.

Managed Platforms

We can run your infrastructure for you, on-premise or in the cloud.

Who is Patterson Consulting?

  • Our customer list includes multiple Fortune 100 banks, insurance, telecoms, and healthcare organizations
  • We are trusted by partners such as Cube, Amazon Web Services, Snowflake, and Confluent to work with their own critical customers
  • Members of our team co-created the Deeplearning4j Deep Learning Library
  • Our Deep Learning book has 7 translations published and is cited in many scientific papers

Our Large Language Model Demo in Cube's Booth at this Year's Snowflake Summit 2023

Demo Overview

This year we'll be giving a live demo of a next generation enterprise large language model that takes advantage of Cube's semantic layer for better knowledge repository integration. Included in the demo:

  • A walk-through of an example enterprise LLM-application built with LangChain
  • This applications shows how we can support any analyst role (here, a meteorologist) with an expert assistant to do ground work while they focus on higher-level analysis work
  • We explain the architecture of the system for each of the types of natural language commands
  • And how Cube's semantic layer supports certain types of queries, supplying knowledge from the corporate Snowflake cloud data warehouse to support the Augmented Reasoning engine
Demo Time Slots:
  • Tuesday, June 27th @ 1pm
  • Wednesday, June 28th @ 1pm

Want to know more about building enterprise applications with large language models? Download our e-Book on "An Introduction to Large Language Models".

We Also Offer Different Lines of Snowflake Workshops

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